January 2024 – Counsel Corner

Happy New Year to all! We at ULS hope everyone had a terrific Christmas vacation and H-2B filing (submissions no longer on NYE).

H-2B and Immigration Updates

H-2B filings should have been submitted from January 2 to January 4, 2024.  We will see the randomized groupings begin to hit on January 5, 2024.  We wish everyone luck that is participating in the lottery.  Please remember to send us updates on your lottery group, the number of workers you will bring up this upcoming season, and if you plan on seeking relief with supplemental visas.

Many of our clients have been asking about what to expect with H-2B and temporary labor as we head into the next election cycle in light of the current border crisis.  Both political parties are now coming together in more of a mutual understanding of the border crisis––more than 302,000 border crossers in December alone, the highest monthly total ever recorded.  Our politicians are becoming aware that this is unsustainable and such uncertainty is leading closer to a border shut down.

This means that there is no time to waste!  Now is the time to get as many of your workers into the PERM and Green Card program as quick as possible.  Do not let the opportunity slip away before you transition to permanent labor.  Politics is in the air and will likely result in fewer and fewer temporary visas, as well as tighten security on illegal crossings and unauthorized workers.  We’ve seen Congress in this last H-2B cycle refuse to raise the Cap number, only being willing to give emergency supplemental visas with more than 25% overall carved out for the Triangle.

Green Cards for Employees’ Family Members

Many workers will be filing their I-140 Immigration Petitions soon.  If you are looking to sponsor family members of your workers for Green Cards simultaneously, now is the time.  Ask your sponsored workers if they are interested in sponsoring any members of their family to receive their Green Cards simultaneously with them.  Discounted pricing for family visas is available.

Trade Shows

ULS will be attending the following trade shows in 2024.  PLEASE come see us!

  • GROW February 6-8
  • SmartCon February 19–21
  • Elevate NALP November 3-6
  • Aspire (Date TBD)

New Practice Area

I am excited to announce that ULS will be officially expanding our practice areas to include Green Cards for ProfessionalsSkilled Workers, and Marriage-based filings.

Additionally, the law firm that ULS has partnered with, Mason Law Firm, is also expanding its practice to include processing TN visas for Canadian and Mexican nationals.  Click here to view the list of qualifying positions for the TN visa.

Elliott Mason President and General Counsel, ULSWe wish each of you a wonderful New Year and look forward to continuing building your confidence to grow!

Elliott S. Mason
President and General Counsel