Hear what clients have to say

“We partnered with ULS to help us expand our staff. We have been an H-2B user for 2 decades and very innovative on being able to transfer an H-2B worker to a green card worker and help them change their lives and help us stabilize our workforce.”

“Unlimited Labor has a very unique process on how they help you attach the worker to the company and helping them pay through the process while they are working on their H-2B. So, a very, very unique process on how we can help change people’s lives and help it be financially good for us and for the worker as well.”

“H-2B is a lottery and let’s call it a craps game. Having a more stable seasonal workforce by converting them to a green card.  Some people will say, well, hey, if they are on a green card, they could go somewhere else. But if you have a good relationship with your worker and you treat them well and they are very appreciative and our workers that we have converted to green card, we’ve not lost a single one. So, it’s a great solution for us and a great solution for them.  So, PERM is stabilizing our workforce, getting us out of the total reliance on H-2B.”

Bob Grover, President, Pacific Landscape Management
Bob Grover Pacific Landscape Management

“It’s all about de-risking the company. We’d been through a couple of years when we were subjected to the lottery for H-2B.  Two weeks prior to having 50-60 employees turn up, we didn’t know whether we were gonna get them or not. By going down the Temp to PERM process, that gave us gave us more stability and de-risk the company’s process of making sure we had good quality employees to do all of our landscaping needs.”

“As we were growing, we were doing more and more returning workers within the H-2B process, and we started to have a real good core set of H-2B employees that would come back every year. We wanted to reward that good work ethic from those guys and from our point of view, being able to sponsor them legally to a green card was a really good thing.”

“Of our H-2B pull, it was about 70% of those workers that went onto the PERM program, and at the time the other 30% of the workers had reservations. Now what’s starting to happen is the rest of that 30% are asking us ‘when can I go on that on that plan’. It was our goal to double every three years; so, as we grew, what started to happen was there was less seasonality in our business. So, before, it was it put a big shot through the business when our H-2B workers went home typically September, October time frame and as we got busier and busier and bigger and bigger, that posed more and more of a disruption to the business.  So, by moving them onto a permanent work footing, that we believe is going to benefit us.”

“Our partnership with Unlimited Labor has really guided us through the Temp to PERM process. We’re about two years into it now, it’s been pretty smooth with Unlimited Labor working with our HR teams and the workers are definitely grateful for that. And it’s been pretty smooth.”

“I think one of the things that we’ve seen, especially when the market’s been really tight, is that getting good quality workers is an issue. We believe that the retention through the PERM process when we’ve invested in our employees, we believe that it’s going to have a better retention than some of our other workforce.”

Mark Wordley, President, Caretaker, Inc.
Mark Wordley - Caretaker Inc - ULS

“Many in the industry are aware of the ongoing multi-season disaster that H-2B has been over the past 6-7 years.  We had a heart-breaking “no show” season that almost led to the demise of our 26-year-old owner-operated landscape company located in Lexington, KY.  We had 90 H-2B workers no show at the last minute.  We scrapped the H-2B wait around, then opted to try to find local guys; we took such a large loss that we almost lost everything.  We have no plans on selling and we are committed to the Latino community, so we have opted for this “temp to perm” long-term solution.  After talking with the team at Unlimited Labor, it just made sense.  We could help our guys get their green cards and help their families like they have helped us.  It just seemed like the right thing to do, and it was the high road solution to our company. In less than 3 seasons we’ll have 30 workers with green cards, and we will be opting more into this process this upcoming June.  Our goal by 2026 is to be less than 3% dependent on H-2B because of the last 15-20 of wild fluctuations we just can’t do it anymore.”

Chris Trower, President, Diamond Landscapes

“We have been doing temp to perm for several years now but have been enlightened by the new and improved information Unlimited Labor has provided.  Our company attended Herring’s webinar last year and was moved to try a new way of processing our people.  We have been very pleased with the well scripted process and look forward to working this process through to completion.  We are thankful for the quality correspondence we have received from ULS and are excited to free our people and take more market share!”

“Unlimited Labor solutions has been extremely helpful in helping our company accomplish its goals for sustainable Labor.  We have been working with them for over a year now, having switched from a different service provider and could not be more satisfied with the expertise, support, and alignment of company goals.  They are very dedicated to building legacy for immigrants and that is one of the things that makes our hearts beat!  Thank you ULS!”

Jim Lynch, President, JPL Cares

“As a fellow client of The Herring Group and Unlimited Labor, we can relate to labor being the #1 limitation to growth. By working with Unlimited Labor, we are aggressively taking the steps to exit the H-2B lottery and develop our own permanent labor force. I’ve worked with Mike Mason for 20+ years and trust his team to get the job done.”

Jody O'Donnell, Former President, LMI Landscapes

“I recently engaged Unlimited Labor Solutions to assist with the transition of 13 of our H-2B workers to PERM status, and I couldn’t be more satisfied with their services. From the initial consultation to the ongoing process, they have consistently demonstrated professionalism, transparency, and efficiency.

Prior to engaging them, they provided us with comprehensive information regarding the cost and timeline involved in the process. This upfront approach helped us understand what to expect and made the decision to work with them much easier.

Throughout the engagement, Unlimited Labor Solutions has been punctual and clear in their communication. They keep us informed about the progress of each step and ensure that we are aware of where we stand in the process at all times. This level of transparency has instilled confidence in their ability to navigate the complexities of the PERM process effectively.

Based on my experience, I highly recommend Unlimited Labor Solutions to any business seeking assistance with H-2B worker to PERM status. Their professionalism, transparency, and expertise make them a valuable partner in navigating this process.”

Andrew Wesselman, Owner, A&A Lawncare & Landscaping, Inc.

“We have utilized the H2B visa program since 1997.  After a horrible lottery slot in 2021 we hired a lawyer to help us obtain green cards for some of our employees.  That experience has been and continues to be a complete nightmare.

Last year we contacted Unlimited Labor to stater the perm process with our remaining team members.  I cannot say enough about the level of communication, professionalism, and care that Unlimited Labor brings the table.  How they operate is comforting not just to me as a business owner but our seasonal team and their families who’s hopes and dreams rely on obtaining a green card.  Thank you, Unlimited Labor!”

Barry Burkholder, President, Burkholder Brothers, Inc