Frequently Asked Questions

ULS specializes in unskilled, skilled, and professional green card applications. This includes H2-B, EB2, EB3, and TN applications.

The program is incredibly affordable especially considering the cost versus the risk of no labor. Unlimited Labor is proud to offer upfront, fixed cost processes for your labor needs. No hidden costs or vague implications of future fees. After a consultation with your organization, we’ll provide you with fixed-rates and suggestions on rollout phases that will minimize immediate cash-flow concerns.

For employment based green card applications, your priority date is the date that your PERM labor certification was filed (or I-140 immigrant petition in some situations) and reserves your place in line for a green card.

Why do we have priority dates?

There are priority dates because there are more immigrant visa applicants then there are immigrant visas available each year. Congress establishes annual limits on the number of immigrant visas issued, currently at 140,000, aiming to regulate immigration numbers effectively. The U.S. Department of State (DOS) plays a crucial role in this process by publishing a monthly Visa Bulletin, which outlines cut-off dates governing visa availability.

These cut-off dates determine when applicants become eligible to apply for permanent resident status, based on their priority dates, and are separated into two charts: “dates for filing” and “final action dates”.

The USCIS determines which chart, “dates for filing” or “final action dates” will be used each month on Current Month’s Adjustment of Status Filing Chart.

Applicants affected by visa retrogression must wait until their priority date is current to file for a green card. They must maintain valid nonimmigrant status in the U.S. up an until they can file for a green card; depart when their status expires and re-enter at a later time on a new visa; or depart the U.S. and wait for an immigrant visa abroad.

Our process takes approximately 36–48 months per employee. Your employee shares a portion of the green card cost during this time. Though the process is long, its length works to your favor for retention.

After the initial process is complete, we provide an outline for an employment agreement to secure your employee’s green card and continued employment. On average, the expense is less than the 3% average wage increase for two years and serves as a minimal price to pay to secure your workforce for an additional three years.

We’re more than just attorneys focusing on paperwork. We specialize in a developing long-term strategies to support the growth and success of your business.

Sponsoring green cards for your employees will become your number one recruitment tool. Your commitment to your workforce will help motivate better work, higher quality employees, retention, and more. Your company will manage the process and cover a major portion of the cost while guaranteeing a fixed cost for the employee and then cosponsoring families as well .

  • Employment agreements
  • Strategic retention: promotions and support
  • Strategic recruitment
  • H-2B management to increase odds of success while converting
  • Acclimating to American society courses
  • Purchasing/Financing a Vehicle courses
  • Purchasing/Financing a House courses
  • Establishing and maintaining Credit courses
  • In addition to the training, we ultimately help the workers become US Citizens. After holding a Green Card for five years, the applicant can apply for US citizenship.