Loren Malaker, ULS

Mike Mason

C0-Founder, CEO

Mike is the Chairman of the Mason Investment Group. CEO of Weathermatic, SmartLink Network, Water Engineering, Unlimited Labor, and Managing Director of the Save Water – Give Life Foundation, a nonprofit ministry that builds fresh-drinking water wells, while teaching personal hygiene and sharing the Christian gospel in third world countries. It is estimated that the foundation has saved and/or improved over 30,000 lives.

Mike Mason enjoys introducing himself as the husband of one wife for thirty-five years, having had the same attorney for thirty-one years, and having the same banker for thirty years. Consistency is the cornerstone of his life.

By chance or intention, several of Mike’s companies have a direct correlation to the most urgent political issues facing Texas and the nation, amongst them; immigration, water conservation, sustainability, and technology, making him a popular subject-matter expert and motivational speaker to conservative and Christian organizations.

Mike’s fervor for business and life is only surpassed by his love for his family. He is married to Happy, the love of this life and blessed with three amazing sons, Lex, Elliott, and Ben, who all work in the family businesses. Through his journey, which he refers to as one of “grit to gratitude,” he has never lost sight of his commitment to his highest priorities Faith, Family, and Work.

Mike King Co-Founder Unlimited Labor Solutions

Mike King


As the co-founder of Unlimited Labor Solutions, Mike King has been instrumental in revolutionizing the landscaping industry’s approach to labor management. Through innovative strategies and a commitment to excellence, he has helped countless businesses navigate the complexities of staffing and compliance, ensuring seamless operations and sustainable growth.

Mike is a seasoned professional with an impressive 38-year tenure in the landscaping industry. Armed with a Finance degree and a minor in business management, he brings a unique blend of financial acumen and operational expertise to the field. Throughout his career, Mike has developed a comprehensive understanding of the H2B program, leveraging this knowledge to streamline operations and optimize workforce management.

With a passion for both business and horticulture, Mike is dedicated to driving success within the landscaping industry. His leadership, coupled with his extensive experience and expertise, continues to make a lasting impact, shaping the future of the field for years to come.

Loren Malaker, ULS

Elliott Mason

President and General Counsel

Elliott Mason attended Texas Tech University School of Law where he earned his law degree and his Business Law Concentration.  He has a passion and understanding of business at every level of a company’s operations, labor force, governance, and keys to growth.

Elliott’s lifelong passion for business and law provides the necessary insight to understand the client’s need for superb legal counsel and advocacy.

Before attending law school, Elliott grew up working in his family’s multi-national business focused on serving the landscape construction and maintenance contractor community. This provides him with a unique understanding and compassion for the daily challenges these and similar businesses face.  Elliott recognizes that labor is the number one challenge these industries face, and he has directed his passion for the law to focus on employment-based immigration and addressing solutions that allow his clients to grow with confidence.  With his background in both business and immigration law, Elliott addresses the immigration and labor issues companies face with a unique understanding of the associated seasonality, cost limits, and competition to deliver long-term success.

Elliott’s specialties include employment-based immigration, PERM processing, corporate governance, and mergers & acquisitions.

Loren Malaker, ULS

Claire Libert

Practice Manager

Claire Libert’s addition to ULS as Practice Manager in September 2023 brought a wealth of experience and expertise to the team. With over 24 years in U.S. Immigration, coupled with a Master’s degree, Claire’s proficiency spans all aspects of employment-based Immigration.

Her specialization encompasses a wide array of visa categories, including PERM, H-1Bs, E-2s, TNs, L-1As, EB-1s, EB-2s, and EB-3s, covering aliens of extraordinary ability, outstanding researchers, and National Interest Waivers. Claire’s comprehensive knowledge extends to green card applications, ensuring clients receive thorough guidance and support throughout their Immigration journey.

Claire’s proficiency and strategic approach in handling PERM green card cases undoubtedly elevates the performance of the ULS team. By meticulously assisting employers in crafting job descriptions, obtaining prevailing wage requests, and overseeing advertising alongside her Senior Paralegal, Loren, Claire ensures a comprehensive approach to the process. Meanwhile, her Legal Assistants, Selene and Cynthia, adeptly guide employees through document collection, address inquiries, and offer regular updates. This collaborative strategy not only fosters seamless communication among all stakeholders but also streamlines PERM case processing, minimizing downtime, barring any delays from the Department of Labor.

Kelly Bambino - ULS Sales Operations Manager

Kelly Bambino

Sales Operations Manager

Kelly Bambino joined ULS in 2022 and currently holds the role of Sales Operations Manager. Armed with a Bachelor’s degree in Training and Management, as well as a Paralegal Certificate. Kelly boasts 13 years of extensive experience spanning various legal domains, including Immigration, Employment Law, Workers Compensation, and Criminal Law.

Within ULS, Kelly plays a pivotal role in engaging with prospective clients, meticulously analyzing their company’s existing staffing landscape and long-term objectives. She adeptly illustrates how ULS’s immigration services can seamlessly integrate with these goals, ensuring a harmonious alignment for both the represented companies and their employees.

Loren Malaker, ULS

Loren Malaker

Senior Paralegal

Loren Malaker is a Senior Paralegal at ULS and brings a wealth of experience to the ULS team, boasting over 22 years of expertise in U.S. employment-based and family-based Immigration law. With a focus on PERM (Stage 1), I-140s (Stage 2), and green card applications (Stage 3), Loren’s proficiency extends to handling professional work visas like TN, E-3, and H-1Bs.

Working closely with employers, Loren spearheads the preparation of job descriptions, prevailing wage requests, and mandatory advertisements. Additionally, she plays a pivotal role in crafting all PERM and I-140 applications, collaborating closely with her team of Legal Assistants to ensure thoroughness and accuracy throughout the process.

Selene Aguilar – ULS Senior Immigration Specialist

Selene Aguilar

Senior Immigration Specialist

Meet Selene Aguilar, our Senior Immigration Specialist, a bilingual advocate with a passion for immigration and a deep connection to her Hispanic heritage. With expertise in intake management, Selene serves as the primary point of contact for new companies and their workers, guiding them through the immigration process with precision and care.

Fluent in both English and Spanish, she ensures effective communication and understanding between ULS employers and employees, while also verifying employee documentation and facilitating seamless data entry to uphold our company’s standards. Selene’s commitment to excellence and her dedication to representing her Hispanic roots make her an invaluable asset to our team and a trusted ally for those navigating the complexities of immigration.

Cynthia Chandler - ULS Immigration Specialist

Cynthia Chandler

Immigration Specialist

Cynthia’s role as an Immigration Specialist at Unlimited Labor Solutions (ULS) is pivotal in ensuring the smooth and efficient processing of documents, translations and applications for clients navigating the immigration system.

Her dedication to becoming a certified Translator and Interpreter in English and Spanish underscores her commitment to providing accurate and reliable translation services, which are essential in facilitating communication between ULS and its diverse clientele.

Completing her Associate of Arts degree at Collin County College demonstrates Cynthia’s dedication to continuous learning and professional development, which are invaluable qualities in her line of work. By honing her skills through education and certification programs, she enhances her ability to effectively assist clients and navigate the complexities of immigration processes. Overall, Cynthia’s background and commitment make her a valuable asset to ULS, enabling the company to provide comprehensive immigration solutions and support to its clients.

Adrian Estrada - ULS Business Development Representative

Adrian Estrada

Business Development Manager

Adrian Estrada is a dedicated sales professional who began his journey as Business Development Representative with Unlimited Labor Solutions in the Summer of 2022. With a background in supervisory roles in data collection and sales operations, Adrian brings a wealth of experience and expertise to his current position.

In his current role, Adrian thrives on connecting with new companies and introducing them to the transformative services offered by Unlimited Labor Solutions. Additionally, his passion for music serves as a great outlet, allowing him to tap into his artistic side and bring new ideas and energy back to his professional endeavors.