About Unlimited Labor Solutions

Temp to PERM for Landscaping, Construction, Roofing, Agriculture, Hospitality, and Unskilled Workers

We not only help manage the Temp to PERM Process, but we have been in the landscape maintenance and construction industry for over 30 years. We know firsthand the importance of reliable labor and having a stable workforce. We have also experienced the pain of failed promises and instability in today’s workforce. We help provide the value of a stable and dedicated workforce of inspired employees that are committed to the long-term success of your company.

We are more than just filling out paperwork and doing the government process. We are about linking and inspiring your workforce by helping them achieve something they desperately want: permanent residence in the United States, and long-term dependable employment from a stable company.

Our goal is to create an opportunity where everyone wins. The employee gets long-term stable employment with a great company. The company builds the team it so desperately needs to be able to grow and expand.

Temp to Perm Roadblocks

Sound Familiar?

  • Has your business become dependent on government controlled H-2B/H-2A labor process?

  • Are you having to incur overtime expenses due to labor shortfalls?

  • Are your growth strategies impacted by labor instability?

  • Overloaded with questions on all the paperwork required?

Why Convert to PERM?

H-2A/H-2B temporary visa workers/employees can qualify for green cards under the employment-based immigrant visa category. The benefit of Converting to PERM, include:

  • Create a sustainable long-term staffing plan with a permanent workforce.

  • Workers can continue to work on their H2-B/H-2A visas during the process.

  • Green Card within a minimum of 36-48 months.

  • Workers gain stability in the U.S. and can share some of the costs with you.

  • Workers can sponsor their family.

  • Workers can apply for citizenship after 5 years – provided they maintain a residence in the U.S. for at least 2.5 years during the previous 5-year period.

These workers generally fall into the Other Workers (iii) category:

  • For positions requiring less than 2 years of experience or training, which generally includes landscaping, construction, and farm workers.

  • If any experience is required, experience verification letters from prior employer will be required to prove the Beneficiary has the required experience.

The Process

There are three steps to the PERM Green Card Process.


Phase 1

ETA 9089 – PERM (3 Steps)

• 9141 – Prevailing Wage
(6/7 months)

• Advertisements
(2 months)

• Labor Certification
(10/12 months)

(Audits add 4-6 months to the process)


Phase 2

I-140 – Immigrant Petition (6-9 months)

• Optional premium processing for a decision in 15 business days for $2805

• Regular processing 6-9 months


Phase 3

I-485 – Green Card

• Adjustment of Status if in US in valid status
(6-9 months)

• Consular Process w/home country Embassy
(Depends on Embassy 6-12 months)

Why You Should Choose ULS To Convert Your H-2A/H2B Workers To PERM:

  • Practice Manager w/24 years of experience.

  • Senior Paralegal w/22 years of experience.

  • Bilingual Intake Specialists to work directly with your Employees to collect their documents and answer their questions.

  • Immigration Attorney on Staff.

  • We keep the prevailing wage and recruiting process as tight as possible to help ensure the earliest possible priority date for your employees.

  • Affordable with billing intervals spread out over time.